Integrative Medicine Services

Our naturopathic doctors (NDs) will evaluate your health in a complete and comprehensive fashion to tailor individualized health care solutions that are achievable, affordable, and effective.Learn More
Whether you are interested in losing weight, meal planning, or pre-pregnancy support, the nutritionists at Cascade Integrative Medicine have a plan to help you realize your goals.Learn More
We’ve partnered with Thrive Integrative Health to offer the full suite of integrative health services to our patients, including acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, East Asian medicine, and much more.Learn More

What is Integrative Medicine?

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, our doctors weigh the clinical evidence of therapeutic options ranging from natural remedies to conventional medical interventions when considering your treatment. We’ll ensure your treatment plan is effective, affordable, and that it falls within the framework of your individual health care values.

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Treatments and Conditions

Whether you are dealing with an acute or chronic health condition, or you are interested in preventive care, the naturopathic physicians at Cascade Integrative Medicine provide individualized treatments and services for a wide range of health-related issues.

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Why Cascade Integrative Medicine?

Cascade Integrative Medicine is a place where patients can know that the clinicians they’ve entrusted with their health care are there for their best interests and those interests alone, where the providers are their staunchest supporters and provide guidance, not only medically and nutritionally, but psychologically, and where patients are provided with lasting tools to handle the complexities of health and disease. Cascade Integrative Medicine services Seattle’s Eastside communities of Issaquah, Sammamish, Redmond, and Bellevue.

Holistic Care Meets Cutting Edge Medicine

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, our physicians bridge the gap between complementary and conventional medicine to provide the best possible treatments.

Compassionate Providers

Cascade Integrative Medicine is a safe and non-judgmental medical practice. Our patients are all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, cultures, and personalities.

Long Patient Visits

Patient visits with our naturopathic doctors are long and comprehensive, in which information about your emotional and physical health, habits, lifestyle, and family dynamics is collected and reviewed.

Insurance Accepted

We understand that health care can be expensive. All providers at Cascade Integrative Medicine are credentialed with most major insurance companies to help make the care we provide more affordable.

Same-Day Appointments

Need to be seen quickly? If your schedule is flexible, same day appointments are usually available.  Contact our office to determine availability.

Electronic Health Records

After seeing one of our doctors, you’ll be invited to access your electronic health records and view them securely online. 

Buy Vitamins and Supplements

We offer a full range of nutritional support products hand-selected by the naturopathic doctors at Cascade Integrative Medicine. Vitamins and supplements are available both in the office and can be purchased online and delivered to your home.

Conveniently Located

Quest Diagnostic operates directly out of our clinic allowing blood draws to be performed quickly and easily. PacLab, LabCorp, and Medical Center Pharmacy are just down the hall making lab testing and refilling your prescription convenient.


Our Providers

Rian Shah, ND
Rian Shah, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. Rian Shah graduated from Bastyr University as a naturopathic doctor in 2004 and has since been in private practice. She founded Cascade Integrative Medicine in 2013.
Elizabeth Wing, ND
Elizabeth Wing, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. Elizabeth Wing earned a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and is board-certified in biofeedback.
Mark Woodall, MS, ND
Mark Woodall, MS, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Dr. Mark Woodall earned a doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University. He also holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology.
Megan Saunders, ND
Megan Saunders, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Megan Saunders has been in practice as a primary care physician in the Seattle area for the last 6 years and has received extensive training in pain management modalities.
Jaime Cloyd, ND
Jaime Cloyd, NDNaturopathic Doctor
Jaime Cloyd graduated from Bastyr University with a special interest in digestive issues and women’s health.
Anisa Woodall, MS, LMP, CN
Anisa Woodall, MS, LMP, CNCertified Nutritionist
Anisa Woodall earned a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics from Bastyr University and has been in practice in Kirkland and Issaquah for over 3 years.
Catherine Southworth, MS, RDN, CD
Catherine Southworth, MS, RDN, CDRegistered Dietitian Nutritionist
Katie Southworth graduated from Bastyr University’s dual master’s program with degrees in clinical nutrition and dietetics and clinical health psychology.  She’s been in practice for over eight years in the Seattle area.

CIM has launched the Center for SIBO Testing

Cascade Integrative Medicine has launched the Center for SIBO Testing, a SIBO testing service for local, regional, and national healthcare practitioners, which provides at-home breath testing kits to the patients of registered providers.  Breath sample collection is convenient and performed in the comfort of the patient’s home. Same-day data analysis and data reporting of hydrogen and methane breath tests means patients suffering from small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) can be diagnosed and treated sooner. Learn More >



Need a Supplement Refill?

Visit Cascade Integrative Pharmacy of Seattle, order your supplements online, and have them delivered to your home - FAST.

  • FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50
  • Delivery to the greater Seattle area in 1-3 business days
  • Cascade Integrative Medicine patients PAY NO SALES TAX.


Our Numbers Don’t Lie

5-Star Yelp Reviews
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Patient Fusion Reviews

Oh my goodness! If you want truly sincere & genuine health care for your entire family, I promise you will not be disappointed! I am so blessed to be a patient at Cascade Integrative Medicine (CIM). The entire staff are very dear and they genuinely care! Extremely thorough exams, tests and personable. I can’t say enough about CIM! One-of-a-kind & excellent medical care! I’m a patient for life!
Monnie, Patient
Drop your regular MD and run! Run to Cascade Integrative Medicine (CIM) and start down the correct road to natural health and do what’s right for your body the natural way. Dr. Shah and her team are spot on as Naturopathic care provider’s who look out for your whole health. My wife and I highly recommend CIM.
Tom, Patient
Cascade Integrative Medicine has created a wonderfully supportive environment for their patients. Whether you are engaging with the clinic staff or doctors it is always a positive and empowering experience.The doctors take the time to not only provide thoughtful holistic treatment but also to really listen to you about your current health experiences. I always feel supported and cared for and that I will be able to move forward with my health goals.
Lindsey, Patient