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From Leah:

“I have been searching for a provider for the past few years and am so happy to have been recommended to Cascade Integrative Medicine. Dr. Melissa HB has been such an amazing doctor. She takes time to discuss, listen and I’ve never had such thorough appointments. I wish I would have found her sooner and am grateful be in such great hands!”

From Nicole:

“I am very impressed with the care I am receiving at Cascade Integrative Medicine. This is the first time in my adult life I can confidently say my doctor is listening to me and not brushing off my concerns. Dr. H.B. is very professional and courteous. She took the most thorough history and created a comprehensive plan for addressing the things going on for me. I purchased a few supplements recommended in our appointment which were very affordable. The office is very clean and welcoming, all staff are so customer service driven and so kind. I am so happy I switched my primary care to Dr. H.B. I would give more stars if I could.”

From Kathryn:

“Dr. Mel HB has been so helpful to get me feeling back to myself after back to back pregnancies! I felt very validated by her and noticed a night & day difference after a few adjustments that we made.”

From Jacqui:

“Dr. HB is caring, thorough and really listens to how you’re feeling. Definitely recommend.”

From Brian:

“The entire experience has been excellent. Little to no wait times to be seen for my appointments. Dr. Semanie and her Medical Assistant are prepared for my visit. Questions are answered and any follow up is handled very promptly. The overall service, care, and support at CIM is excellent.”

From Heather:

“Since seeing Dr. Semanie I feel so much better. She takes a very personal approach and goes beyond what most mainstream doctors do in the first appointment. Prescribing just a few supplements and I feel like a different person. The office staff is incredibly welcoming, efficient and friendly. I highly recommend this office. A+!”

From Amy:

“Happy with first interactions with Dr. Semanie!”

From Jessica:

“I met with Dr. Sienna Miller, and she was absolutely wonderful. She asked so many great questions and listened to all of my concerns. She spent so much time getting to know me and my health, and has created a detailed plan that I trust. Thank you, Dr. Miller and the rest of the awesome staff!!! I look forward to working with you.”

From Liza:

“I appreciate Dr. S. Millers attention to detail and her quest to understand my health concerns. Through testing and research she was able to diagnose a long running issue that has eluded many other medical professionals I’d seen prior. She has a very calming and welcoming manner which hold true for the other partners on staff at Issaquah Cascade Integrative Medicine. I would highly recommend this practice to those looking for an Naturopathic avenue to understand their health better.”

From Mikki:

“Dr Miller, ND developed a detailed plan specific to my condition after ordering extensive blood tests. She spent a lot of time explaining her plan and answering my questions. Very personal service which is hard to get from my PCP.”

From Jessi:

“My treatment for food sensitivities and optimal health has been fantastic, Dr Miller is very knowledgeable and the clinic helped with insurance headaches. I highly recommend!”

From Daisy:

“First time meeting Dr. Sienna. I’ve worked with two other doctors at CIM and have enjoyed my experiences so far. She’s very friendly and seems to be pretty detailed to looking into my issues.”

From Mary:

“Had my first appointment today with Dr. Zimmerman. I could not be happier. I feel like we had an instant connection. I highly recommend Dr Zimmerman. She was very knowledgeable and had some really helpful suggestions for my questions and concerns.”

From Kim:

“Dr. Zimmerman is wonderful! She spends quality time with you and makes sure you leave with your questions answered and a plan to follow.”

From Omar:

“I must say that my visit with Dr. Marit Zimmerman exceeded my expectations. Dr. Zimmerman removed a lipoma (a benign tumor) from the back of my arm. I’m not so comfortable with needles or blood, so I was a little trepidatious about this. She immediately put me at ease and the procedure was quick and painless. Four weeks later, I’m completely healed up, and my scar is practically invisible. Faraa, the MA, was also an excellent help during the procedure. Highly recommend this team if you are looking for someone to do a minor surgical procedure.”

From Edna:

“Dr. Megan Saunders is phenomenal! She is by far the best medical professional that I have been to. She is very detailed and I love her holistic approach to address any health issues. She takes the time to listen to you and has a great (the best) bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Saunders for any health concerns.”

From Brittany:

“I just began seeing Dr. Saunders and within our short time of working with each other she has already shown genuine care and interest in my overall health and well being. I feel like I am treated as a person and not just a patient number. Another thing I truly appreciate about this office is that they look at treating the root cause of your health problems versus just treating the symptoms. Thank you all for what you do!”

From Joey:

“Megan has helped me over the last 30 days with a severe car accident that I was involved in while I was working, She helped me every step of the way by referring me to excellent providers for chiropractic as well as physical therapy and she showed true and sincere caring towards me and my recovery… I couldn’t recommend her enough she has been one of the best doctors I have ever seen on my 30th trip around the sun…”

From Dori:

“Dr. Saunders is amazing! She truly listens and spends a lot of time with you, she doesn’t rush you. At all. She genuinely cares about her patients. I love the fact that treats the whole person and not just your symptoms. Dr. Saunders is so kind and caring, she truly loves people and she loves what she does. If you are looking for a doctor who will take good care of you and your family, go see Dr. Saunders.”

From JJ:

“Dr Saunders is fantastic and I had a great experience at the facility. There were many ongoing issues that were never addressed by my previous doctor. She actually went to the root cause of the problem and fixed the cause instead of just treating the symptoms.”

From Lauren:

“I loved my first visit at CIM! This is the first time I had a provider sit and talk with me about my health issues for longer than 15 minutes. Dr. Benson listening and spoke with me for an hour. I was included in the decisions for testing, supplements, as well as next steps. I am looking forward to continuing my health journey with CIM!”

From Allison:

“I am very grateful to have found Dr. Aarin Benson. Her clinical interests are a great help for my primary care and my family’s. I appreciate the entire team’s welcoming presence and feel very at home and heard throughout my visits and while calling to schedule or discuss any concerns.”

From Sara:

“I just moved and needed a naturopath and wholistic clinic closer to me. CIM has gone above and beyond with their care and Dr. Benson has made me feel comfortable and hopeful about my health journey.”

From Poonam:

“I have been visiting this clinic for a few years now as I prefer to see naturopathic doctors over traditional. From the beginning my experience has been exceptional and we as a family quickly established this practice as our primary care. Currently Dr. Benson is my PCP, and my husband and son see Dr. Woodall. I have also met with Dr. Miller and with all of them we receive the kind of compassionate and unhurried care which makes ‘going to the doctor’ a bit more inviting than it would be otherwise.”

From Maryann:

“My experience with Dr Shah and Dr Benson has been nothing but the best. They both are very supportive, smart and exhaustive in their diagnosis and treatment; they listen, provide solutions and respect the choices you make. “

From Jodi:

“I was very impressed with Dr. Woodall. He asked a lot of questions and listened to all of my concerns. He was professional, not in a rush, and made me feel confident in finding answers regarding my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. I’ve been to numerous doctors in the past few months and he is the first one who has taken the time to discover the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptom. I would definitely recommend him.”

From Dawn:

“My first visit with a naturopath was an amazing experience. I am a nurse and many of my patients have naturopathic doctors. I encourage them to go but haven’t ever gone myself. Foot pain brought me to Cascade integrative medicine and I was simply amazed at my experience. Dr Woodall was wonderful. He listened to me and talked about my whole being rather than focusing only on my feet. I am optimistic about finding the root of my foot problems. I highly recommend him. 5 stars!!!”

From Kevin:

“Dr. Woodall is a great doc. He is the first doc who has actually helped me for a long time, and he’s helping me get to the underlying causes of my condition. I drive from Maple Valley to see him but it’s worth it.”

From Phillip:

“Dr. Mark Woodall saved my life. He rapidly and correctly diagnosed my health issue. Western medicine continuously failed to diagnose what was wrong and I was getting sicker by the day. Dr. Woodall used every tool in his arsenal, including antibiotics to successfully treat me. The staff are amazing – I can’t say enough good things about Lisa and Paula.”

From Diana:

“Dr. Woodall is great as he takes the time to listen and answer any questions and concerns with compassion. Dr. Woodall is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He is very thorough and explains everything in terms I can understand while also explaining the science behind the methodology which I appreciate greatly. Both my husband and I started seeing him fairly recently and we are quite happy with both of our visits.”

From Jessica:

“Words cannot describe my experience at CIM. Dr Rian Shah has completely dedicated herself to my case. She has been by my side through all of the ups and downs and I feel very supported. If Dr Shah doesn’t know the answer, she will definitely figure it out! Paula, Lisa and Shelly are also so personal and make you feel welcome. I could not recommend this practice more. Thank you!!”

From Christin:

“I have been going to Cascade Integrative for 10 years now and couldn’t be happier! I made a decision to stop putting bandaids on things and actually find out what was actually going on with my body from the inside. Finding the natural physical reason with a natural solution is life changing! Find out what vitamins your body doesn’t absorb no matter how hard you try. Find out why you are working so hard to lose weight and can’t lose a pound. There is a reason! Dr Shah feels more like a dear friend than a doctor. I honestly cannot recommend Cascade Integrative Medicine enough!”

From Shasta:

“Dr. Shah is the BEST and most caring medical professional I have ever been treated by. I have been going to her regularly for almost one year now, and she has helped me to improve long-term health issues as well as acute concerns. When I had an urgent issue she saw me on the same day and personally followed up with me each day for 3 days following. She has worked with me to understand my health as an overall person and understand my preferences for medical care. She works with my insurance plan and is conscious of the costs of various tests and treatments and takes my financial situation into account as well. I fully trust my health in her hands and couldn’t be happier that I found her as my doctor. I have also had the pleasure of working with Dr. Weitz for iron infusions. During this time I have had the opportunity to talk to her about some medical and personal concerns and found that she shares the same caring, holistic, and informed approach of Dr. Shah. I highly recommend Cascade Integrative Medicine to anyone looking to become the healthiest version of themselves!”

From Sandra:

“I have been going to Cascade Integrative Medicine for years. They are very welcoming and helpful the minute you come in contact with them. Wether you call them on the phone or checkin at the Front Desk, they are very friendly and make you feel your needs are important. I see Dr Shah. I feel we speak the same language, she understands me, has answers for me and educates me along the way. She is very thorough and makes sure I am heard. Her support staff, Shelli, follows through and is very attentive to patient needs. I am so grateful to have them in my life. They are more than just your typical Doctors Office.”

From Alicia:

“I always felt like going to the doctor was something to be endured. Not to mention the wait was always extremely long and the doctor only actually saw me for a few minutes and rarely ever even listened to me. Dr. Shah is the exact opposite of all that! She’s on time and doesn’t keep me waiting, she actually listens (and cares!) and she spends the entire appointment with you instead of ducking in at the last minute. I’ve never met a doctor that actually cared this much about her patients!”