How to Schedule an Appointment

If this is your first appointment, you must call the office and request your appointment over the phone; you cannot request your first appointment online.

To schedule an appointment online, you will first need to create an account through our patient portal. Please note that you will receive an email confirmation after your appointment has successfully been booked.  You will also receive an email reminder one week and one day before your scheduled appointment. Please note that in order to receive these email reminders, we must have a valid email address on file.  If you are not receiving appointment reminders by email, please verify that these are not going into your junk or spam folder, or please contact our office to verify that the email address we have on file is current.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please be aware that there is a known issue with Google’s auto sync feature that causes our email reminders to appear incorrectly when Google pulls the information from the email message. If you are using Google’s auto sync feature, DO NOT rely on this feature to add your appointment to your calendar or reminders, as the information may be incorrect. Always rely on the email message you receive directly from Cascade Integrative Medicine for the appropriate appointment time to avoid charges for missed appointments.

Request an Appointment with One of Our Providers

Rian Shah, ND
Rian Shah, NDNaturopathic Doctor, Owner
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Alexandria Easter, ND
Alexandria Easter, NDNaturopathic Doctor
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Mark Woodall, MS, ND
Mark Woodall, MS, NDNaturopathic Doctor
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Elizabeth Wing, ND
Elizabeth Wing, NDNaturopathic Doctor
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Anisa Woodall, MS, LMP, CN
Anisa Woodall, MS, LMP, CNCertified Nutritionist
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Catherine Southworth, MS, RDN, CD
Catherine Southworth, MS, RDN, CDRegistered Dietician Nutritionist
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