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Patient Testimonials for Our Providers

We value feedback from our patients, because it pushes us to stretch and grow and to challenge ourselves to be  better practitioners, and this ultimately allows us to provide the best patient care possible.  We hope these patient testimonials give you an honest insight into the quality of care we strive to provide, and how our patients feel about the care they have received from us.

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“Always a pleasure with Dr. Shah”

I found Dr. Shah a year ago and am so happy to have her as my primary caregiver. My needs are always listened to and we approach things with a positive, proactive approach. ~Stephannie

“Always great”

This appointment was with Dr. Shah. As usual, she listened to my issues with concern and compassion. Awaiting some lab results now. I know she will make a plan to help me feel much better soon! Everyone at the clinic is friendly and helpful. ~Sally

“Dr. Shah”

I recently switched my primary care physician from an MD to Dr. Shah. I found her examination was much more thorough and comprehensive than my with my previous general practitioner. I like her approach and am satisfied I am receiving the very best care available. ~Guy

“Dr. Shah is absolutely a breath of fresh air! “

She takes the time and really listens to what you have to say. I am beyond grateful to have her as my doctor!!! ~Sydena

“My favorite doctor ever!!”

I always felt like going to the doctor was something to be endured. Not to mention the wait was always extremely long and the doctor only actually saw me for a few minutes and rarely ever even listened to me. Dr. Shah is the exact opposite of all that! She’s on time and doesn’t keep me waiting, she actually listens (and cares!) and she spends the entire appointment with you instead of ducking in at the last minute. She also uses blood work (PacLab) to check your hormones, vitamin levels, etc. Your blood doesn’t lie! It’s amazing how much better you can feel once you address any issues that become apparent during medical testing. I can’t say enough good things about this place, I’ve never met a doctor that actually cared this much about her patients! ~Alicia

“They’re the best”

Dr. Shah really helped me to loose weight and I feel so much better. Everyone at the office are top notch. They are very learned plus they display a true interest in helping you become the best version of yourself. ~Conchita

“Best feeling ever having Dr. Shah”

I feel like I will be back to what I think as normal very soon with Dr. Shah’s help. ~Sally

“Great experience! Highly confident individual!”

I’m a new patient of Doctor Rian Shah and thus far, I’ve more than enjoyed my doctor visits with her! Why? Doctor Shah will listen to you and get to know your medical history that surrounds your current illness. Dr Shah knows how to be a effective communicator and she knows how to be sensitive towards her patients. while at the same time, she knows how to be direct and emphasize a point or fact that she really wants you to understand. ~James

“Great experience”

I’ve really appreciated the care and help I’ve received from Dr. Shah. She’s honest and realistic in her treatment plans and I’ve recommended her to many friends. ~Samantha

“Friendly yet professional”

I was very pleased with my first two visits with Dr. Shah. She was thorough and explained my followup treatment well, orally and in writing. ~Bonnie

“Always a pleasure”

It’s easy to get health care in such a positive, problem-solving based environment. Dr. Shah is knowledgeable, helpful, and empathetic. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Shah. ~Debby

“First visit”

Dr. Shah was very thorough and a good listener. I look forward to getting the results back from the blood and urine tests and moving forward with some positive results. ~Terry


Always a great experience going to see Dr. Shah! ~Linda

“I’m glad I met Dr. Shah”

My first visit with Dr. Shah really impressed me. Her listening skills and thoroughness with questions was A1. She actually took the time to cover everything on my health history records I brought in. I can’t wait for our next session when my lab results come in. She’s got a good plan! I already tried one of her recommendations i.e. not eating after 6 PM and she gave me the reason why that is healthy for the liver. That sold me on trying it and I noticed I woke up feeling more rested and I’m a few pounds lighter today (coincidence – I don’t know?). ~Steve

“Visit with Dr. Shah”

Dr. Shah is a most efficient and informative doctor who helps you understand in layman’s terms all that you need to know about your situation or concerns. Charming amazing and professional person with compassion and grace in all that she does for her patients. ~Angela

“Thank you”

Professional, kind, caring! So glad I chose Dr.Shah! ~Tresa

“Holistic health”

Thank you so, so much to Dr. Shah! She has been an absolutely amazing resource in my journey to good health. Through her caring, attention to detail, and in-depth knowledge we have been able to solve chronic and debilitating health issues, many of which have plagued me for over 18 years. Dr. Shah has given me a second chance to live life to the fullest, and has given me the tools to feel better than I ever have. I highly recommend and will be definitely going back to her for the bulk of my health care needs. ~Morgan

“First visit”

I was very pleased with my first visit with Dr. Shah. Cascade Integrative is in a great facility that allowed blood work to be done right there. Dr. Shah was very attentive and I feel like I have made a good choice In both clinic and doctor. ~Pamela

“Hands down best doctor experience ever”

As I’ve told the folks at Cascade Integrative Medicine before, I feel like they’re saving my life. And they’re doing it with compassion and responsiveness and genuine care that I improve. I came to Dr. Shah several months into a very strange and oft-changing health challenge that 7 previous medical professionals had been unable to solve. With strange symptoms across many different body systems, other doctors were left scratching their heads or worse, telling me it must all be psychiatric or stress-induced. Near giving up, I came to Dr. Shah looking for help coping with stress but she didn’t buy it. She pressed hard into my health, running labs to look for true physical causes of my rather severe issues. She found several deficiencies, hormone issues and even an autoimmune disease that everyone else had missed. I have improved greatly under her care and have faith we’ll continue to improve my health even further. What’s especially amazing about Dr. Shah is her genuine care. She responds quickly to me, she is open to hearing every little nuanced frustration about my limitations, she has never ONCE told me I’m imagining things or I’m “just stressed”, and always has a plan A, B and C for us to try. In short, I love her. And I believe she is changing my life forever with her care. ~Karla

“Overall wellness”

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Shaw I have already told my mom and my cousin all about you guys! I’m so glad I found Cascade Integrative Medicine. ~Marisa

“First visit”

I really like my first visit at Cascade Integrative Medicine. Dr. Rian Shah made me feel very comfortable during the whole time. Even though I was late, everyone made me feel very comfortable. I am definitely coming back and will also recommend to a friend. Thank you. ~Pallavi

“The best for my health”

As always, it was a pleasure to see Dr. Shah. Everyone is so nice and they know their clients. I love that Dr. Shah is so well versed on diet, supplements etc. and doesn’t push a statin drug on me because my total cholesterol is over 200 (she looks at all the components, ratios and lifestyle choices.) I’m a very happy Patient! Thank you. ~Sally

“Dr. Shah was great!!”

Dr. Shah was very insightful and knowledgeable about all of my concerns. Extremely easy to speak with and very personable. Will definitely be using her as my general practitioner. ~Jeff

“Dr. Rian is a gem!”

Dr. Rian Shah has a warmness about her that invites you in and makes you feel welcome and certain that you are in the best hands. She has everything that I desire in a naturopath. She is intuitive, warm, intelligent, respectful, caring and healing. I want all of my family and friends to go to her! She really is the best. And I have searched literally decades for someone like Dr. Shah. ~Anonymous

“First ND visit”

I was so glad I came to an appointment with Dr. Rian Shah. She made me feel like she truly wanted to investigate and resolve my issues with me taking part in the decisions. I was so happy to have found her, after many years of unsatisfactory experiences in the medical realm. The one visit gives me confidence and I will be back! ~Lisa

“Dr. Shah is a wonderful doctor!”

She’s been able to help me improve my health more so in the past 3 months than I’d been able to accomplish over several years with multiple practitioners. ~Dana

“Very responsive and she listened”

I was very impressed with Dr. Shah. It was my first visit with her and I truly felt like she was listening to my concerns. As a self employed person my insurance and health needs can get quite expensive. She listened to those concerns and helped me figure out what we needed to do to help me with my health without running unnecessary tests and labs. Look forward to this relationship and her helping me get healthy. ~Anonymous

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Shah.”

I have been through so many MD’s and ND’s I can’t count. She is the FIRST Dr. to actually listen to me, the patient. And, I feel like she may be the only person really watching out for me. I also love the continuous improvements she makes to her practice. If you want full service, a place that cares and a Dr. that can’t be matched, make an appointment now. ~Susan

“True integrative healthcare.”

I was tired of only having two choices of healthcare services – traditional or natural. I had my first visit with Dr. Shah, and she explained that she practices both, depending on the patient, health problems, and available remedies from both traditional and natural avenues. She makes the best medical doctor because she listens well, and is thorough in retrieving all the facts/tests before making any medical diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Dr. Shah is a welcome breath of fresh air! Thank you Dr. Shah. ~Karen


I went to see Dr. Shah after seeing many physicians/naturopaths. Dr. Shah was kind, knowledgeable and pragmatic about my situation. She starts with the basics and goes slowly. I look forward to the road ahead. ~Amy

“Wonderful doctor.”

Dr. Shah has been working with my wife and I for years now. She still demonstrates her concern and competence on every issue we bring to her. I feel blessed that our paths crossed and she took us under her wing. If you are looking for a doctor who can help and who cares, she is it. ~Michael

“Great resource.”

I am thrilled to have met Dr. Shah. My chiropractor recommended her to me. I have multiple health issues, see many traditional doctors and require antibiotics and steroids often. Needless to say, my system is so depleted of nutrients because of that. She didn’t try to talk me out of taking the meds, but rather looked at how we can counteract the effects of them. I am very hopeful that over the next few months we can accomplish that. ~Wanda

“I am finally sleeping!”

I’m 52 and perimenopausal. Insomnia was probably my biggest frustration. My traditional MD never recommended checking my hormone levels, she just put me on bio-identical estrogen and progesterone around the age of 46 assuming my issues were related to declining hormones. Nothing much changed in terms of my symptoms for several years. On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to go see Dr. Shah. She ordered a bunch of blood tests, and found out I have been estrogen dominant all this time and don’t need any estrogen supplementation yet! I was also way over medicated on my thyroid meds, which we are now adjusting as well. That is very scary. The good news is, for the first time in over a decade, I am now on just over two weeks of sleeping through the night every night. This is a first, and I am so thankful for Dr. Shah!!!!! ~Stacy

“Great experience!”

I am so grateful to Dr. Shah for listening to me and working with me to solve my health issues. She is patient, knowledgeable, thorough and kind. She gets results too! I am 20 lbs. lighter with TONS more energy then when I first went to see her. Vibrant health is an ongoing process and I am so happy I have found Dr. Shah! ~Jaycee

“Unlike any other doctor.”

Going to Dr. Shah is a whole different (wonderful) experience! She greets you in the waiting room herself and brings you back into her office. She takes her time asking questions- not just physical symptoms, but how you are feeling, what you’ve been eating, etc. It’s such a relief to have a doctor that understands the importance and power of natural treatments, like supplements, diet, exercise, other therapies, instead of handing out prescriptions. When I came back for the follow up visit, she went line by line on the lab results and made sure I understood all the various components. Highly recommended! ~Sally

“Thoroughly impressed!”

I have been disappointed in my past/previous doctors, they would see me for a matter of 5-10 minutes and I would try to cram everything I needed into those few minutes and would always forget some things… Very frustrating, and it felt like I was mostly ignored and sent on my way after they collected my money. This doctor however is totally different! She spent an entire hour talking with me, checking me out, listening to all my current health concerns and running tests to determine what exactly is going on. I feel much more confident in Dr. Shah than any of my previous doctors, and I have no doubt I will be back to my old self in no time! I wish I had found her years ago!! Do not hesitate to go see her, if you are debating just go! You won’t regret it!! ~Alicia

“She is the best!”

I started seeing Dr. Shah last July to start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. She has a way of making you feel completely safe, comfortable and trusting, right from the get go. I have never had a doctor that is prompt with her appointments every single visit. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and gets right to the point of any of my concerns. It has been a pleasure to be her patient, and I have happily referred her to friends. ~Pamela.

“A rare gem of a doctor.”

Finally found someone who instills confidence in me that she knows her stuff. All my complaints that I have had for years have been corrected in just a few weeks. I’m so thankful I found her and that she is in Issaquah. Although I’d travel much farther to be under her care. When other doctors didn’t care about my more minor symptoms, Rian does and explains why it is happening and how I can fix it. She’s awesome. ~Teesha.

“Inspired support.”

After my first visit with Dr. Shah, I’m feeling very relaxed and confident, and looking forward to working on my thyroid/hormone issues with her. I’d seen a few doctors previously who didn’t seem to know what to look for/at, and told me my ongoing symptoms were probably due to anxiety. Dr. Shah looked through my labs and immediately saw deficiencies that related to my symptoms, had suggestions for what could help, and ideas to pursue for what might be causing them. She was very helpful with both my health and insurance/finance issues, and quite easy to talk to. Highly highly recommended! ~Lindsey


This was my first visit, but I was very encouraged that we will get to the root problem rather then treating symptoms. My husband and I were impressed and she was very good with explanations and through in her questions, and immediately began tests to determine where we are rather then just prescribing things. Looking forward to proceeding. Thank you. ~Melissa

“Love her.”

Dr. Shah is warm, knowledgeable, caring, prompt and just really wonderful. I’m not the quickest person to warm up to, but she patiently guides me along, listens carefully and genuinely looks out for my best interest. I really appreciate that I never feel judged by her – just cared for. She’s a great doctor and I’m very happy that I found her. ~Bethany

“Refreshing change.”

Wow, Dr. Shah actually listened to me and took the time to get to know me and what my needs are. I felt very comfortable explaining my issues. Super simple process to book appointment. They were very punctual and pleasant. It was a great experience. ~Barb


Met for the first time Dr. Shah for my baby’s 2 mo checkup. It was wonderful! Great environment first off, which speaks volumes! Then Dr. Shah came to greet me in the waiting area on time (that doesn’t happen very often). She was dressed very professional which was great to see (I’ve seen some sloppy providers out there trying to find one who will support me). She then took the time to ask me my concerns with decisions I was making for my own child(ren) and addressed each concern. I have had a difficult time finding a pediatrician who will respect my decisions as a parent, and Dr. Shah is the right fit for me and my family! I highly recommend her! ~Kori

“The best hope!”

That’s the best I have been in years, thanks to Dr Shah! ~Carol

“Thank you doctor shah!!!!!”

Dr. Shah has designed a program to heal my body and make me feel better. Being able to handle this over the phone while I’m traveling is a huge plus. The changes in 12 months have been huge! ~Tom

“Dr. Shah is a very special person.”

I worked in the medical profession and have high expectations for what it means to be a fine physician. Dr Shah meets those expectations. I remember years ago attending a lecture from a doctor who explained that a good physician had to be “intimate” with their patients. He said that a doctor needed to know all about the patient, his family, his emotional, professional and leisure life. I think that Dr. Shah strives to do this. But its more than just this. The best of the profession are really smart people who haven’t let their egos get in the way, they are open to new ideas and have the a curious nature that drives a need to know more and find new and innovative ways to help their patients. Thank you Dr Shah for doing all of this and for becoming a friend as well. ~Linda

“Thank you Dr. Shah.”

Dr. Shah is simply the best doctor I have ever used. Period. She took time to really get to know me and my health issues. She patiently made recommendations that have improved my overall health. I am 65, vibrant, and full of life. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone. ~Marilou

“Exactly what I was looking for.”

Finally I have found a doctor that I feel like I can trust. She is a kind, patient listener. Dr. Shah will take the time and care needed to help find you the treatment plan for optimum health. ~Alicia

“My first review ever….”

Not much of a review person. I highly recommend Dr. Shah…….her professional and compassionate demeanor is amazing. I’ve been struggling with some health issues for quite some time and she finds a way to address them being very compassionate!!! The way she addresses the whole body and not just focuses on one major issue is key. She really is in the health care field to make a difference. ~Leslie

“What you hope for in whole person care.”

Dr. Shah was wonderful! She’s genuine in her care and through in her assessment. It’s clear that she truly treats the whole individual, no generalized supplement, vitamin plan push here! She’s a great non judgmental listener. I look forward to my future with her as a co-advocate in my quest for maximized whole wellness. ~Eileen


Having been someone who has seen a lot of doctor’s in the past I expected more of the usual “hi, symptoms, here’s drugs, bye” type treatment and this was not at all like that. Dr Shah did not keep me waiting, she spent a great deal of time asking questions and listening to my responses, working to get to the root cause of my conditions rather than just provide a quick fix. She provided a lot of options and ideas and came up with a detailed treatment plan, and spent the time to explain the reasons behind each one of the treatments and how it should help to change things for the better. I would recommend going to see her in a heartbeart if you are someone looking to change your overall health for the better. ~Nicholas


This was my first appointment. Dr. Shah met me right on time and in a pleasant and relaxing environment. I was impressed by the thoroughness of her medical history questions and the current status of my health. She is a perceptive listener and her advice and suggestions fit very well within my overall health and funding goals. I look forward to working with her in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her to others. ~Lawrence

“Dr. Woodall”

I usually see Dr. Easter and Love her! She wasn’t in the office and I needed to be seen. Luckily Dr. Woodall had an opening. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and informative. I felt like he understood my health concerns and am willing to come up with a plan together. Would recommend him for future patient’s. ~Anonymous

“Excellent care”

I was very impressed with Dr. Woodall. He asked a lot of questions and listened to all of my concerns. He was professional, not in a rush, and made me feel confident in finding answers regarding my Hashimotos diagnosis. I’ve been to numerous doctors in the past few months and he is the first one who has taken the time to discover the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptom. I would definitely recommend him. ~Jodi

“Overall an excellent experience”

We have been very pleased with our experience at Cascade Integrative Medicine. My 21 year old son has been fighting Lyme Disease and with the help of Dr Mark Woodall over the past 8 months he has shown positive improvements. Dr Woodall is a kind and compassionate person who spends plenty of time with his patients during each visit. It is nice to have a doctor that listens to you and he really seems to care. Dr. Woodall goes above and beyond with making you feel comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone. He is very knowledgeable about Lyme disease and treatment.

Great Issaquah location with plenty of parking. Clean office. Friendly staff. Overall an excellent experience for anyone suffering and needing a naturopathic doctor. You will not be disappointed. One more thing to add is that we had visited many doctors prior to Cascade Integrative Medicine and some are scammers and are pushy with their special supplements and products. We have never felt pressured at Cascade Integrative Medicine. ~Heidi

“An amazing experience”

My first visit with a naturopath was an amazing experience. I am a nurse and many of my patients have naturopathic doctors. I encourage them to go but haven’t ever gone myself. Foot pain brought me to Cascade integrative medicine and I was simply amazed at my experience. Dr Woodall was wonderful. He listened to me and talked about my whole being rather than focusing only on my feet. I am optimistic about finding the root of my foot problems. I highly recommend him and the lovely front office lady, Anita who was so warm and welcoming. 5 stars!!! ~Dawn

“A great doctor”

Dr Woodall is a great doc. He is the first doc who has actually helped me for a long time, and he’s helping me get to the underlying causes of my condition. I drive from Maple Valley to see him but it’s worth it. ~Kevin

“Great experience”

Dr. Woodall spent a lot of time with me and it was very helpful! ~Lucas

“Dr. Woodall visit”

Really appreciate the muscle therapy exercises. Would love to email Dr. Woodall with a few additional questions. ~Craig

“New patient appointment”

I feel optimistic after my first appt w/Dr. Woodall. I was worried he would have made losing weight a priority in our discussion…quite the opposite and a relief that he seems more focused on fixing the inside and pain mgt. I am looking forward to my road to recovery and the tools he will give me to manage my health for the rest of my life. ~Leslie

“First visit”

I appreciate Dr.Woodall. He listens well, is a good listener, addresses all aspects of health and most importantly gave me hope that I will feel better. ~Tina

“Dr. Mark Woodall”

Really enjoyed my first appointment with Dr. Woodall. He was very knowledgeable an extremely easy to talk to. I appreciate all his help. ~Tracy

“Dr. Woodall”

Thank you Dr. Woodall for the help on getting well. The cough is subsiding. Thank you. ~Anonymous

“Appointment with Dr. Woodall”

Dr. Woodall made a quick diagnosis of my tendon condition with some manipulation and finding pressure points. He developed a treatment plan and in future appointments will work with me to address other areas. I would very much recommend his services to others. ~Brian

“I appreciate Dr. Woodall”

He listens well, is a good listener, addresses all aspects of health and most importantly gave me hope that I will feel better. ~Tina

“I feel optimistic after my first appt w/Dr. Woodall”

I was worried he would have made losing weight a priority in our discussion…quite the opposite and a relief that he seems more focused on fixing the inside and pain mgt. I am looking forward to my road to recovery and the tools he will give me to manage my health for the rest of my life. ~Leslie

“I appreciate all his help”

Really enjoyed my first appointment with Dr. Woodall. He was very knowledgeable an extremely easy to talk to. ~Tracy

“Appointment with Dr. Woodall”

Dr. Woodall made a quick diagnosis of my tendon condition with some manipulation and finding pressure points. He developed a treatment plan and in future appointments will work with me to address other areas. I would very much recommend his services to others. ~Brian

“Awesome doctor”

I already love Rian Shah, who has helped me tons but she has been getting so popular, it’s hard to get in to see her, so I saw Dr. Woodall instead. He was amazing, thorough, genuine, and had great energy. I am thrilled to know that this team is there for us. ~T. Moore

“Resolved my back pain in two days!”

I am active and in my 40s, and I’ve played sports all my life. I’ve also suffered from periodic low back pain related to a sports injury when I was younger. I recently suffered a severe back strain, and, for several days, I could barely make it out of bed. Dr. Mark Woodall was recommended to me as specialist of sports and physical medicine. He was very knowledgeable and clearly well-read. He performed a physical examination of my spine and the muscles that support it. To my great surprise, he found a vertebra that was out of alignment, and he gently popped it back in. It turned out this was not the real source of my pain, though, which he determined was muscular. He performed cold-laser therapy and prescribed some topical magnesium. Within 6 hours, my back pain was reduced 50%, and, within 24 hours, I was about 75% pain-free. I felt so good that day that I actually went to the gym…something I couldn’t imagine doing just a few hours earlier. I was really impressed with Dr. Woodall, and will be seeing him for any and all future sports-related injuries. ~Jameel

“Plantar fasciitis relief!”

Thanks so much to Dr Woodall – I believe the soft tissue work and cold laser therapy was a big part of me finally getting relief from a prolonged, acute case of plantar fasciitis. Thank you!! ~Camari

“Dr. Saunders is amazing!”

Dr. Saunders is amazing! She truly listens and spends a lot of time with you, she doesn’t rush you. At all. She genuinely cares about her patients. I love the fact that treats the whole person and not just your symptoms. Dr. Saunders is so kind and caring, she truly loves people and she loves what she does. If you are looking for a doctor who will take good care of you and your family, go see Dr. Saunders. ~Dori

“She showed true and sincere caring”

Megan has helped me over the last 30 days with a severe car accident that I was involved in while I was working, She helped me every step of the way by referring me to an excellent providers for chiropractic as well as physical therapy and she showed true and sincere caring towards me and My recovery… I couldn’t recommend her enough she has been one of the best doctors I have ever seen on my 30th trip around the sun…

PS she also gives a mean massage and might make you cry. ~Joey

“I am so grateful you’re in our lives!”

Before meeting Dr. Megan had a difficult time with fertility. My husband and I tried for 6 years before conceiving our baby.

We started seeing Dr. Megan a little over a year ago. It was last May that I told her we wanted to conceive. She lived up to the true meaning of the word doctor, which in Latin means teacher. She guided and taught us as well as motivated us to make the changes in our lifestyle that were preventing our optimal health.

Through her support we have grown as people into parents. Thank you Megan for being an amazing person, friend and a kick ass Naturopath. I am so grateful you’re in our lives! I know you will help many women achieve optimal health through your pragmatic, results based natural medicine. ~Ashley

“She has solved all of my health issues”

I highly recommend Dr. Saunders either as your primary care provider or even to supplement your existing care. I feel like she really listens when I’m explaining what’s going on and she has solved all of my health issues. ~Jenny

“She’s really the best doc”

She’s really the best doc, I highly highly recommend her, has always been there for me when I needed her! Thanks so much Doctor Megan! ~Liat

“I was able to heal from years of digestive problems”

Megan helped me along an intense healing journey. With her care and support, I was able to heal from years of digestive problems. ~Brittney

“I always leave every appointment knowing I am in good hands!”

I have seen many different practitioners in hopes to find a doctor who could help me with health issues. CIM is the first clinic I have gone to where I genuinely felt supported and cared for! Dr. Wing has made it an effort from the start to work with me in order to assist my healing journey. I love how her goal is to find the root cause instead of just treating symptoms. So many doctors often write you off when they can’t understand what’s going on. Not only that but I always leave every appointment knowing I am in good hands! I would highly recommend CIM. I’m so grateful I found such an amazing clinic.

“Dr. Wing takes her time to understand who I am and where I am going.”

Love love love! I am so glad that I have found a place that treats me as a respectable human being (unlike the general medical offices that get you in/out as fast as they can). I always feel like Dr. Wing takes her time to understand who I am and where I am going. I definitely feel like she is treating “the whole person” and not just my symptoms. I have seen such great improvements in my overall health since I started seeing her 6 months ago. I would most certainly recommend CIM to anyone.

“Love Dr. Wing!”

Love Dr Wing! Very thorough and explains everything in terms I can understand. Really happy that I have finally found a provider who listens and works with me.

“She is a rare gem!”

After 15+ years of desperately seeking relief from migraines and hearing, “Sorry, there’s nothing more I can do for you” more times than I can count, my husband found a book about adopting a ketogenic diet to treat migraines. I followed the guidelines in the book but really wanted more personalized guidance, which is when I was referred to Anisa. Anisa is unlike any nutritionist I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a handful); she is a rare gem!

Anisa’s approach is that of a partner in health instead of that of a dictator. She has always listened to my specific goals and given me the guidance I needed to achieve them. Unlike my experiences with other nutritionists and dieticians, I’ve never felt like Anisa was giving me rules I had to follow or like I would get in trouble if I didn’t stick to her recommendations. Instead, she’s able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge and help customize a plan that works for me and my unique body. She also strikes a great balance of pushing me to try new things without nagging. I’m slowly becoming a more adventurous eater and a better cook because of her.

I was immediately impressed by how knowledgeable Anisa is (she has answers to all of my questions!) and how up to date she is on nutrition. Anisa was eager to help me with a ketogenic diet, and all of her recommendations were in line with what I’d heard in the keto community but was still being advised against by my then-doctors. When I recently decided to go carnivore/zero-carb, Anisa was again very supportive and has been a tremendous help in making that transition.

Though Anisa has been working with me in a somewhat niche area of nutrition, I honestly believe that she would skillfully meet anyone where they’re at on their health journey and help them meet their goals in a way that is suitable to them; she is not at all stuck in a one-size-fits-all model!

I’ve been seeing Dr. Woodall for about a year now. I was, admittedly, skeptical that Dr. Woodall could help me, but during my initial consultation with him, as he listened to my medical history, he was jotting lists of things to try and avenues to pursue. The breadth and depth of his medical knowledge is unparalleled. He gave me renewed optimism after having largely lost faith in doctors as a whole.

Dr. Woodall is the first doctor to see me as a whole, interconnected person and not merely a list of symptoms that he can throw pills at. He addresses all of my ailments and has an extraordinary ability to connect all of the dots. He never dismisses any individual symptom as just another aspect of my migraines. He is doggedly committed to figuring out what is actually wrong and fixing it rather than merely alleviating symptoms and has figured out that, among other things, I have both Bartonella and a mycotoxin issue that have gone undiagnosed and untreated for years, possibly decades.

Dr. Woodall is also very conscientious of the fact that I am a unique individual. It is not uncommon for him to tell me what the standard protocol for a particular issue would be and then to enumerate why he’s hesitant to go that route with me before proposing a more cautious approach. This level of detail and concern is unprecedented, yet comes naturally to Dr. Woodall.

Dr. Woodall is also thorough in his explanations; he makes sure that I understand his thought processes and lab results before I leave the office. He also makes sure to include me in any decision-making, asking for my insights and opinions; I feel like I have a say in everything we do. Dr. Woodall is great about working closely with me, seeing me frequently enough to address all of my concerns and monitor my progress.

Dr. Woodall has a great bedside manner and ease about him. He is passionate about what he does gets visibly excited anytime we figure out another piece of the puzzle. He cares about my overall wellbeing and is genuinely happy any time I come into his office feeling better than the last time he saw me. Dr. Woodall is, by far, the best doctor I’ve ever had!