Exceptional Patient Care Begins With Exceptional Support

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, our mantra is “patient care always comes first”. Our staff doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We understand that everyone has their own story and their own experience, and our job is to be a soft and safe landing spot when our patients’ day gets difficult. Regardless of how your day is going, and whether you are checking in for your appointment, having your vitals taken, or discussing a bill, we promise you a warm smile, a gentle touch, and a compassionate heart.

We also understand that what happens behind the scenes is a critical piece of your healthcare experience at our clinic. When you are not looking, we are circling back, following up, and closing loops to ensure your care is coordinated, your prescriptions are filled, and your claims are filed correctly.

Our Support Staff

Paula_Medical Receptionist

Paula (She/Her)

Medical Receptionist


Lisa (She/Her)

Medical Receptionist

Avatar_Female Doctor

Julie (She/Her)

Medical Receptionist


Peggy (She/Her)

Medical Assistant


Faraa (She/Her)

Medical Assistant


Liana (She/Her)

Laboratory Technician


Katrina (She/Her)

Medical Biller


Michelle (She/Her)

Practice Manager

Jameel Shah PhD_600

Jameel (He/Him)

Vice President

Patient of CIM

The front desk employees at CIM are AMAZING! I had a morning of errands and everywhere I went, it seemed nobody was ready to engage or even give a smile. But, when I showed up at CIM to buy a supplement, I was greeted with 3 big smiles, 3 kind personalities and questions about how my day was going. The front desk employees were genuinely caring, genuine and interested in how I was doing. On a morning when I personally needed that, I was SO GRATEFUL for these people. This speaks to the care at CIM as well. They are a group of caring, kind individuals making a difference in lives. THANK YOU CIM!!

Patient of CIM

The staff is lovely and are a pleasure to work with. Thank you for all that you do!

Patient of CIM

The front office staff is also always quick to smile and ready to help.

Patient of CIM

The office is very clean and welcoming, all staff are so customer service driven and so kind. I

Patient of CIM

The staff are all very friendly and helpful and I couldn’t recommend Cascade Integrative Medicine highly enough to anyone wanting to find true solutions to their health challenges.

Patient of CIM

I appreciate the entire team’s welcoming presence and feel very at home and heard throughout my visits and while calling to schedule or discuss any concerns.