Insurance coverage

The providers at Cascade Integrative Medicine are contracted with most commercial insurance carriers in Washington state.  Before your first appointment, please contact your insurance carrier to verify that your provider is in-network with your insurance plan.

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We’re in-network!

The providers at Cascade Integrative Medicine are contracted with these insurance carriers and are in-network providers for some, if not all, of insurance plans offered.  Although we are contracted with these carriers, this is never a guarantee that we are in-network with your specific plan.  Please contact your insurance carrier and inquire about coverage with our providers.

Verification of insurance coverage

It is the patient’s responsibility to call his/her insurance carrier ahead of time and determine what coverage is available, both in- and out-of-network, so that the patient is fully prepared for the visit. For out-of-network services, we can provide a superbill for the visit to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  If laboratory testing is recommended, we can also provide you with the information necessary to determine your coverage for diagnostic laboratory services before the tests are ordered.

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What to ask your insurance carrier.

Before your appointment or before your lab work, contact your insurance carrier to understand your coverage and benefits.  Download our coverage and benefit guide so that you know what to ask your insurance carrier to understand what your financial responsibility is for our services.

Coverage and Benefit Inquiry
Download this handy guide before you call your insurance carrier.