Smiling woman receiving IV therapy

IV Therapy Delivers Nutrients  To The Tissues That Need Them Most.

IV therapy, also known as an IV drip, allows patients to receive depleted nutrients that may otherwise be difficult to absorb. IV therapy involves administration of nutrients intravenously, resulting in safe delivery of high concentrations of nutrients to the body.

Physician-Administered IV Therapy

Strong woman smiling after iron infusion

Iron Infusion

Iron sucrose (Venofer)

Iron infusions rapidly restore your body’s levels of iron, an essential nutrient needed to transport oxygen to your muscles, brain, and other tissues. When iron stores are depleted (a condition called iron deficiency anemia), you may feel fatigued, weak, cold and may experience headaches or mental sluggishness. This condition can be easily corrected with a series iron infusions. Iron infusions are covered by most insurance carriers, and we’ll take care of the billing for you. You can listen to our providers discuss iron deficiency and how to increase iron levels through supplementation and infusions on our podcast here.

Est. infusion time: 20 min

Woman feeling strong after Immunity IV

Immunity IV

Vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc

This immune booster is designed to prevent illness and help you feel better faster after getting sick. Our Immunity IV contains high doses of B vitamins, vitamin C, and zinc to  supports peak immune function.  Vitamin C has long been known to enhance the immune system by powering immune cells to seek and destroy bacteria and viruses. B vitamins support our immune system’s production of antibodies which are a vital defense mechanism against infection.

Est. infusion time: 30 min | $219

Radiant woman

Fortify IV

Vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, biotin

Formulated to help bring out your radiance and natural glow, our Fortify IV will strengthen hair and nails as well as improve skin and connective tissue density.  This IV supports the reduction in wrinkles, acne, and tired skin.

Est. infusion time: 30 min | $219

Couple feeling great after recovery and performance IV

Recovery and Performance IV

Vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, amino acid and mineral blend

Our Recovery and Performance IV is designed to decrease recovery time, hydrate, and enhance athletic performance.

Est. infusion time: 30 min | $229

Energetic woman

Uplift IV

Vitamin C, mineral, and vitamin B-complex

Comprised of essential multivitamins and other nutrients, our Uplift IV is perfect for when you feel depleted. Also known as the Myers’ cocktail, this IV helps to combat seasonal allergies and inflammation while also improving immunity and fighting fatigue.

Est. infusion time: 30 min | $259