Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition

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At Cascade Integrative Medicine, we offer nutrition support for women seeking to get pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most stressful experiences a woman’s body can go through, so preconception is the best time to prepare your body to become nourished and resilient. Optimizing your diet and lifestyle in the preconception period also increases your likelihood of having a more enjoyable pregnancy with less complications.

Unfortunately, conventional pregnancy diet recommendations don’t always take into account the latest research on optimal pregnancy nutrition. Research shows that most prenatal vitamins are not sufficient to prevent pregnancy- or birth-related complications. Our nutritionists have done extensive continuing education to offer you the most up-to-date nutritional recommendations for preconception and pregnancy. Knowing whether you need help balancing your hormones or regulating your cycle, which foods are best to eat, and which foods to minimize, can be essential.

During pregnancy, our nutritionists seek to support you with individualized food and supplement recommendations to help with common pregnancy challenges such as energy, heart burn, constipation, blood sugar regulation, joint pain and healthy weight gain. If desired, we also offer meal planning or can make recommendations for meal ideas and resources. We want family planning to be an experience you enjoy and look forward to with the support of our care team.