About Children’s Health

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, children’s health is an area of emphasis in our practice. Our approach to children’s health and wellness is balanced and holistic. From well-child visits to acute care to chronic conditions, we evaluate and treat children in the same holistic and comprehensive way that we evaluate adults. We are accepting of all vaccination opinions and respectful of each parent’s choice when deciding whether or not to vaccinate their children. We will have an educational conversation with parents and talk to them about what the research supports regarding vaccines, and then allow the parents to make up their own minds. We will also sign waivers for school and child care if a parent desires.

Children’s Health Services

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, we offer well-child visits and acute, sick child evaluation as well as functional medicine testing to determine what is causing chronic issues. We provide childhood vaccinations and comprehensive care for newborns and adolescents, including routine physical examinations. We offer food sensitivity testing and blood, stool and urine analysis for children as we would with adults to determine underlying cause of illness.

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, we provide a range of children’s health services including:

  • Well child care, including vaccinations and physicals
  • Acute care and sick child evaluation
  • Diagnostic screening, including vision, hearing, and allergies
  • Functional medicine testing, including blood, stool, and urine analysis
  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Sports physicals