Conventional Medicine

What is Conventional Medicine?

Conventional medicine, also known as allopathic medicine or Western medicine, is the type of medical treatment we, in the United States, are most accustomed to and is practiced by conventional medical doctors (MDs). The goals of conventional medicine are to cure or manage disease, and conventional medicine relies heavily on medical history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing. Treatments often involve prescription drugs and/or surgery, which may be accompanied by diet and lifestyle recommendations, physical therapy, or stress management. Conventional medical therapies are highly effective to treat acute or life-threatening health conditions. However, conventional medicine, in its common form, often focuses on treating disease, rather than disease prevention or addressing factors that may contribute to the condition.

Conventional Medicine at Cascade Integrative Medicine

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, our medical doctors understand that an integrative and holistic approach to health care is ideal for disease prevention and to manage chronic disease, and embrace both conventional and complementary therapies to provide the best patient care possible. We also understand that it is difficult to provide good patient care when a visit with the doctor takes place in ten minutes. The visits with our medical doctors are long enough to provide sufficient time for the doctor to hear your health concerns and understand your health condition(s) in a comprehensive way. This ultimately enables the doctor to provide a treatment plan that is individualized and effective.

Although the medical doctors at Cascade Integrative Medicine approach patient care holistically, they also have the expertise and training to manage your acute illnesses or injuries to quickly put you on the road to recovery. Our doctors provide family medicine services that include comprehensive physical examinations and care of newborns, adolescents, and adults. They also perform a range of primary care services such as dermatological exams, skin biopsies, IUD placement, STD testing and counseling, vaccinations, and preventive medicine. In the event that you require hospitalization, our doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals to get you the in-patient care you need.