Aetna’s out-of-network coverage is excellent

80% of our out-of-network patients pay $40 or less for new or return visits with our doctors.  Unlike other out-of-network providers, we WILL NOT balance bill you, so there are never any surprise expenses.

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Aetna patients are welcome 🙂

If you have Aetna, we’re happy to see you. Your insurance carrier may attempt to discourage you from seeing an out-of-network provider and tell you that seeing an out-of-network provider will cost you more.  The real reason they are discouraging you is because it costs THEM more to pay an out-of-network provider.

80% of our out-of-network Aetna patients pay $40 or less per visit.

It’s a misconception that seeing an out-of-network provider means your medical costs will be higher. In fact, an analysis of all out-of-network fees billed to Aetna patients in 2020 reveals that the vast majority pay under $40 per visits with one of our doctors. This is because: (1) we don’t practice balance billing of Aetna patients, and (2) Aetna’s out-of-network benefits are excellent, which helps to ensure your costs are kept low.

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No balance billing, no surprise expenses

Balance billing is when an out-of-network provider charges you an additional amount above what your insurance carrier allows for your service.  Unlike other out-of-network providers, we’ll never balance bill you if Aetna is your heath insurance carrer.

Confirm your expenses beforehand.

Verify your expenses before your visit:

  1. Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.
  2. Ask what your costs for procedure codes 99215 (return patient visit) and 99205 (new patient visit) are.  Remember, there is NO BALANCE BILLING, so you are only required to pay the fees that Aetna allows for these codes.
  3. Check to determine whether your deductible has been met.  If not, your carrier may require you to pay more until the deductible is met.

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