Cascade Integrative Medicine is a team of naturopathic physicians and clinical nutritionists who embrace both conventional and alternative medicine. We’re diagnosticians who deploy cutting edge functional medicine testing to shed light on even the most elusive medical conditions.  We manage patients collaboratively with the acupuncturists, psychologists, chriopractors, and other complementary medicine providers at Thrive Integrative Health, with whom we share a medical suite.

Cascade Integrative Medicine is a place where patients can know that the clinicians they’ve entrusted with their health care are there for the patient’s best interests and those interests alone and where patients are provided with the lasting tools to make informed decisions about their health. We’re not just doctors, but we’re health educators, patient advocates, and supporters,

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is very simply the best of both worlds: conventional medicine meets complementary medicine.

At Cascade Integrative Medicine, we bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine to provide patients, with the best treatment possible, using both complementary and conventional medicine approaches. Patient visits are longer (up to one hour) and comprehensive, in which information about emotional and physical health, habits, lifestyle, and family dynamics is collected and reviewed. Moreover, a diagnosis may be withheld until additional diagnostic work has been performed such as a determination of serum nutrient and hormone levels. All therapeutic options, both conventional and complementary, are considered when a treatment strategy is devised.  Treatment plans are the result of a dialog between doctor and patient to define a strategy that is both optimally effective and one that the patient can comply with and feel good about.